“Chores for a Cause” is yet another program of GTKYF Foundation Inc. Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Director came up with this concept while trying to find positive solutions to negative issues. Many times in our communities we have situations where the elderly or those with disabilities are struggling and not connected to their neighbors. We also have others in the community looking for a way to earn a little extra cash to make ends meet, or give back and feel that they are helping others.

Rather than have people sitting in their houses needing just a little help and others right close by that don’t even know that the help is needed, why not connect the two? It makes no sense to divide and isolate everyone even in their own community. This creates a society where no one is willing or able to care. A society without a back bone or a moral compass.

We at GTKYF Foundation Inc have long believed that it is imperative to call out the wrong things in our world. But to not only call out the negative but offer positive solutions. That is what Chores For a Cause is. A Positive solution to a negative issue.

So, why not consider getting involved today?