We are thrilled that you took the step to click on the link to “participate”!

What that means to us is you care about your LOCAL community. Its economic sustainable strength. That is beyond exciting news!

This is the basic way to participate if there is already a chapter in your community. (If there is NOT a chapter in your community you can go HERE to find out how to get one started.) There are other ways to get involved, so, if this doesn’t fit you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and let us work together to find a way to make it work for all parties involved. EMAIL US HERE FOR HELP

The most popular way:

  1. Fill out participant application
  2. Choose a “Cause” that the proceeds from your labor will go to
  3. Choose what percentage you will donate to that cause.
    1. Has to be 51% or more unless a special circumstance is approved by program managers and chapter leaders.
    2. The more you donate the more it benefits the cause.
  4. Pick a project.
    1. The minimum time commitment is 1 hr. That can be spread out over two half hour times if needed. But there is a one hour minimum and a half hour a week commitment to ongoing projects.
  5. Fulfill the project commitment. When you accept a project you will get a written project agreement. Don’t flake out and not communicate. Do you very best to fulfill the project. Remember you are doing this to give back and help the community be a strong viable sustainable home.

So, If this is something that you want to take the next step please contact us HERE and we will get the ball rolling. And, thank you for wanting to make your LOCAL community a place of Strong sustainable economics for all.