Non Profits

So, you are a Non Profit aka “Cause” that would like to benefit from this program?

Glad to Hear it!

Lets get a few things clear from the get go. Our parent Organization is NOT fond of the large Non Profits where the CEO’s and Directors make six figures plus, and the people they are to be serving under their mission statement get slim pickings. As well as we are NOT fond of NGO’s that are pro big goverment, and are not inline with our core beliefs as they relate to farms, food, families, and freedom. Groups of a religious nature will NOT be denied participation solely on that principle.

That being said preference in any situation will be given to small non profits, and community groups that are in line with our beliefs. We reserve the right to deny or revoke any group or organizations application, at our sole discretion. Thank You for your understanding.

Now, you are wanting to have a way to raise funds that is “hands off” except for the use of your organizations information in the promotion of the “chores for a cause” chapter (s) in your area. It benefits you (the non profit aka “cause”) if you help spread the information of the chapter, but it is NOT a requirement. Working together with a local chapter makes the program run a whole lot smoother as a team for the common good of the community. This is a great way to build a stronger connection to your local community with the backing and involvement of an experienced partner in our parent organization.

To get the process started please Email us here. Thank You