Louisiana in the first half of summer 2021. In conjunction with our sister program Neighbors Helping Neighbors and their “Hackberry Relief Project,” we have been active in Camaron and Calakasui Parishes for the last 90 plus days. While most of the projects done were part of Hackberry Relief and therefore done with strictly volunteer intent. We did have the opportunity to use our skills and assist several different others while we were there under Chores for a Cause. Thereby helping to raise much-needed support for those involved and the project itself.

Some of those projects included:

  • Repairing a roof for a man who had insurance and had the resources to pay for what was needed. But as many in the area know tryign to find a contractor that will come and do the work in a timily fashion is hard pressed these days. Anyone worth their weight and with the knowledge and skills is booked up for months in advance.
  • Repairing a Leaky water line. There was a family that had a copper water line that had sprung a leak atone of the fittings and was casuing significant water damage. They had called around looking for a plumber and not been able to locate one with an opening in their schedule. Someone gave us a referal and it was off to the races. We repaired the water line fast and efficiently. They paid us for the work.
  • A leak at a commercial property that was left over from last September and hurriciane Laura. They had recieved insurance funds to repair the leak and damages. But as many know that they were not able to locate a service provider to get it repaired. They paid us and we paid the locals we hired to assist with the project.
  • A backflow valve at an comemrcial property. They had not been abelt o locate a service provider and were refered to us. We did the repair and we were paid.
  • A repair of a wall mount sink in a commercial ADA bathroom. We repaired the sink. They had been unable to locate a service provider. We were paid for the service.

So, as you can see this program serves several purposes. From filling voids where the locals cannot find service providers. To providing a source for some additional income to some of the locals in need of additional resources. To helping us cover the many cost overruns of the projects we did and are doing in their communities.

Please consider joining us in these types of ongoing endeavors anywhere we have a program or project. As well as if you are interested in using our services or having one of our programs in your community feel free to reach out to us. HERE

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