Arkansas, Ash Flat

Yes, we have come to the state of Arkansas.

At this point, we are just getting the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project underway here in Ash Flat area of Arkansas. The Chores for a Cause program will be added as time, resources and needs show its applicability here in this community. As always our first priority is building strong local sustainable communities. As they relate to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. For more on these aspects of our parent organization visit it at GTKYF Foundation Inc.

We are still searching for the right name for this project and are willing to take suggestions. Please email suggestions here.

In accordance with our founders’ commitment to rural LOCAL small communities, we are here in the heart of Northern Arkansas to make a difference in rebuilding this community. As well as using our vast programs and resources to help these people create a sustainable strong economic foundation to grow this community.

Stay tuned as we continue these efforts.

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